The current stable automatic detection systems for  explosive vapors and gases in the "Transnafta" successfully   brought into functional (projected) state.
UK company MEDC markets a LED Beacon designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This is a major step forward in „Exd” signaling equipment for its very low consumption and long...
During the celebration of the Miners Day, in the mine Senjski Rudnik, Minister for Energy, Development and Environment, Ms. Zoranа Mihajlovic, has launched the Methane Metric Station in the...
Put into operation a stationary gas detection system for the detection of amonia /NH3/ in dairy “Mlekoprodukt”
Signed contract on representation, distribution and servicing for products of renowned company, "RAY", one of the world's first and biggest oil and gas burners manufacturer.
Svecom presents wireless detector/transmitter OLCT80,for monitoring oxygen, flammable, toxic and refrigerating gases on remote locations. More details
SVECOM presents Tango ™ TX1, a new single gas portable monitor, Dual Sense ™ technology, with three-years warranty. The use of this instrument increases the safety of workers greater than any...
Two centrals Oldham MX43 with 33 detectors Oldham OLCT10n were delivered to” Neoplanta”, Novi Sad company.
Our website was named best in the competition of Oldham's distributors web pages, in front of web pages of Scottish, Ukrainian and Danish distributors.
Trolex managing director in an interview for Mining Magazine, the prestigious world's journal in the field of mining, talking about the advantages of implementing fully integrated sensing systems...
New, methane,(CH4), gas detection system was appointed, on the new compressor, at location Underground gas depot „Banatski Dvor". This expanded the existing system with a total of 14 sampling...
Svecom has presented a complete program of equipment in the field of gas detection, environment and protection at the 38th International Fair of Prevention and Emergency Response & Occupational...
Contract signed with new strategic partner, French company „GAZOMAT“, specilized in projects, develpment and production up-to-date electronic equipment aimed for leakage detection in gas...
Put into operation a new, modern, economy and ecology efficient stationary system for carbon monoxide detection, at CPS (Car Parking System), in the Public Parking Garage „Pionirski Park" in...
Signed a contract for delivery and installation of stationary system for the detection of carbon monoxide, CPS (Car Park System), in a public parking garage "Pionirski Park" in Belgrade.
Put into operation a new stationary gas detection system with 1 sensor for gas detection (CH4/LEL) in EX version ,6 sensors for the detection of oxygen (O2) and 5 sensors for the detection of carbon...
The reconstruction of ash transport system completed.
Delivered spare parts for crusher.
Delivered  thermo-technical equipment in cooperation with Oventrop.
Delivered spare parts for cooling towers.