Svecom participated in the International Conference of the Mediterranean 2015/2015 OMC / in Ravenna, Italy


Аt the opening of the conference, Oldham, a global leader, is emphasizing the importance of corporate integration and leadership position in the field of gas detection, acquisition of the ICT (Industrial Safety Technologies) by the company Scott Safety , the new owner of brands Oldham, Detcon Inc., Simtronics and GMI assessed as the beginning of a new era in which the Oldham retain their traditional values ​​and focus on maximizing the performance, quality and reliability of products, services and processes.

Presented were products, services and the latest technological solutions of the leading European and world producers: Oldham, Detcon Inc., Simtronics and GMI.

Oldham affirmed the pioneering work of the expert team Svecom who implemented the technology of wireless transmission in the Steelworks in Smederevo six months before the first application by the manufacturer.